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CROATIA: General


Croatia extends from the furthest eastern edges of the Alps in the north-west to the Pannonian lowlands, its central region is covered by the Dinara mountain range, and its southern parts extend to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.



A Croatian republic's area 56.542 km2, surface area of territorial waters totals 31,067m2. The population is  4.437.460 inhabitants.  Tha number of islands, solitary reefs: 1185, the largest islands are Krk and Cres, there are 47 inhabited islands.





 The island is situated in the Kvarner Bay, and is connected to the mainland  by a bridge through 1309 m.

It is one of the largest island in the Adriatic with its area of 409.9km2, and the good connection makes it an exceptional tourist destination.

It excels with its mild mediterranian climate and 2500 sunny hours a year.

Krk island's length 38 km and width up to 20 km and is devided into two parts. North of the narrow part  at the line Vrbnik-Punat spreads the lower, forested, more fertile and populated part of the island. The higher southern part is predominantly bare, interspersed with thick forests

Krk island is called "Golden" (INSULAE AUREA”) because it is rich in vineyards,  olive trees and large number of sunny days, 1500 kind of plants, 30  different unique amphibian and reptiles, and more than 1450 different kind of butterflies.........

The "Golden" island abounds in historical values, every town and place are full of legends which are waiting for you to explore!

The footpaths and the coast promenades are well kept and signed to lead you to the picturesque areas  of the "Golden island".

Krk is a specific island - every place has got its own beauty and speciality. We advise you to visit as many places of the island  as you can.  To get to know their significance, beauty. The inhabitants are always happy to help you.

The islands biggest regions: Omisalj, Njivice, Malinska, Krk Town (administrative centre), Punat and Baska. You can't miss out visiting Vrbnik, which is famous  for its quality wine "Vrbnicka zlahtina". There are many other smaller places which are rich in tradition and waiting to be explored.


Where we are and how to find us?


We are situated, 25 km from the krki bridge and only 6 km from Valbiska' slip, from where you can take a ferry to  Cres island.


Our travel agency ( agenció ) is on the south-east part of  Krk island in MILOHNICI, on the way to GLAVOTOK, between BRZAC and LINARDICI villages.


These villages are unique and untouched places sorrunded by romantic nature. It would be the best choice for those whos are looking to relax and rest their body and soul.

This beautiful region which is commonly called "SOTTOVENTO" has got the mildest climate on the island with forests, olive trees.

If you like swimming in  clear sea, listening to birds singing and enjoy the beautiful sight, while you are still close to services, then this is a place for you!


You can find  leisure facilities in nearby; Malinska, Krk, Punat, Baska and also many others within 15 km distance, where several events are organised and taking place. Our pleasure to help you find the best events, yet alone mention the number of restaurants, cafes, and many more.


If you wish or desire an "active" relaxation we can help you with that as well!





BRZAC : It is a pretty little village with green all around on the western part of the island, near GLAVOTOK.  The village has got a lovely outdoor swimming pool (lido) and a small boat dock for the inhabitants. There is the island's most beautiful holiday camp the "Kamp Glavotok” next to it. Today it is a popular place for excursions, but long ago...

Long time ago Glavotok was known as "CAPUT INSULAE", which was the Prince  Frangepan's (Frankopan) holiday home on krk, a nice chapel used to belong to it, which was given away with a piece of land in 1468 to a priest in order to establish a monastery. The todays monastery church was built in 1507 and is devoted to St Mary, the Franciscans used glagolita writing and the mass took place in old croatian language.

It is important to say that the Croatian culture tradition left numerous written memories behind, the oldest one is from 1510.

The first print "SERAFINSKI TISAK”, was in Glavotok, thank for the well known lexicographer Dagutin A. Parcic (1832-1902) .

The church was renovated in the last century, and now spiritual practices and gatherings are being organised in it.....

The St Krsevan church is situated above Cavlena bay, and under Milohnic village, about 3.5 km from the monastery.

Probably it was built between the V-VII century AD,  in historical-artistic and early middle ages style. The church's area is 129 m2, top with a characteristic greek cross.

The monastery was put under state protection in Rijéka, on the 25-06-1956. It has got a marked promenade and regular guide which will lead you to this spectcular place.



Our dear guest, Welcome to Croatia and Krk island!


Please trust us with your vacation, our aim is to make your holiday unforgettable. Your feedback will allow us to develop and improve our services for you in the future!



If you could not find an answer to your question on this website then please don't hesitate to contact us, we will try to help!


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garden, grill, cafe, garden table with parasol, terrace and room for sunbathing are avaible.

0003 - Brzac

garden, grill, cafe, garden table with parasol, terrace and room for sunbathing are avaible.

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